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Natural Radiation Response Mechanisms (NRRM) Group, INMAS, Delhi-110054


  • Role of cell-cell contact, gap junctional intercellular communication (GJIC) and ERK pathway in hyper-radiosensitivity (HRS) displayed by human tumour cells at low doses below 30cGy. 
  • Multi-parametric investigation on the cellular basis of Insect Cell Radioresistance.
  • Characterized a novel atypical mode of cell death in Sf9 insect cells in response to radiation.
  • Characterization of mitochondrial mechanisms involved in insect cell apoptosis
  • Characterization of anti-apoptotic microRNA mechanisms in insect cells
  • Characterization of Sf-p53 (Spodoptera frugiperda) using proteomic and genomic approaches.
  • In silico and experimental analysis of evolutionary conservation of NOS gene among insect and mammalian species.
  • Mechanistic understanding of the resistance of insect cells to membrane damaging chemical agents
  • Optimized and validated Neutral Comet Assay for detection of apoptosis.
  • Developed fluorescence microscopy-based agarose embedding assays for simplified and quick analysis of cell morphology and apoptosis.
  • Developed a Novel fluorescence microscopy-based Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis or SCGE (Comet) Assay for simultaneous detection and analysis of viable, necrotic and apoptotic cells.
  • Developed a novel agarose overlay technique for successful colony formation and radiobiological study of difficult primary fibroblasts (in collaboration withStockholm University, Sweden)
  • Designed a new Mouse Restrainer for painless handling and irradiation of tumour-bearing mice (Patent and Design Registration filed). 

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